Rise of the Rune Lords 4E

Turtleback Ferry Flooding

“Turtleback Ferry Flooding” (5/02/2012)

Previously in the Hook Mountain Massacre…

After recieving a mission to investigate the silence of Fort Rannock, out heroes ventured forth and defeated the vile ogres that had overrun it. Upon completing the destruction of the ogres leadership, the heroes found Lady Luceria, thought dead when her barge sank several weeks ago, living in the lap of luxury. She offer them the opportunity to go with her to meet her master, Makmurain. Our heroes agreed, trying to gain the upper hand by following her to her master then turning on them. But before they could they ecountered the remaining Black Arrows and Shalelu. The treachory of Kaven Windstrike was reveal, and Luceria turned on the heroes, but was dcestroyed herself. Our heroes then returned to Turtleback Ferry, where they were offered the positions of Masters of Fort Rannick. Accepting, our heroes returned once more to Fort Rannock, through unnatural rain, to start assessing what needed to be done. The rains continued for several days, before a local resident arrived at Rannock urging the heroes to come to Turtleback Ferry’s aid.

  • Our heroes arrived at Turtleback Ferry to find much of the town under water
  • They decided to cast water walking on the group
    *Adria ran to the aid of a group of school children stuck on a boat as soon as she had water walking. When she started helping them, she was attacked by a giant crocodile
  • Ydria and Idria left Adria to defeating the crocodile, but it was harder then they imagined. Eventually, Ydria was able to help out and the children were saved
  • As the heroes helped out the rest of town a giant water beast attacked
  • The heroes were vastly out matched, but the beast retreated after a short time, leaveing the towns folk to celebrate their rescue
  • The flooding started to recede some what
  • Mayor Shreed asked the heroes to investigate Skulls Crossing to see why it had such a giant flood all of a sudden
  • The heroes journeyed to Skulls Crossing, seeing a giant section broken down and allowing the water to flood through
  • The climbed up to investigate further, and encountered a Ettin. They defeated him and readied to move further into the dam.



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